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  • HP Vertica Backup Fix for Error RSYNC error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12)

     During the build of a HP Vertica Object backup script i have faced the following error when trying to initiate the backup location. 

    [[email protected] vbr]$ /opt/vertica/bin/ --task init -c /home/dbadmin/scripts/dba/vbr/Datatbl15_months.ini
    Initializing backup locations.
    Error: Error accessing remote storage: failed to get remote files: rsync: read error: Connection reset by peer (104)
    rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(760) [Receiver=3.0.7]
    Init FAILED.
    Solution for this error:
    • it appears that the rsync process was using port 50000  already with a process that was running on my OS.
    • after i have terminated this process Vertica init command completed with success.
    [dbadmin@aodba vbr]$ ps aux | grep rsync | grep -v grep | grep daemon | grep port=50000
    dbadmin  25540  0.0  0.0 101428   368 ?        Ss   Mar17   0:00 /opt/vertica/bin/rsync --daemon --config=/tmp/vbr_rsyncd/vbr_rsyncd.conf --port=50000
    [dbadmin@aodba vbr]$ kill -9 25540
     Completed Vertica VBR init task.
    [[email protected] vbr]$ /opt/vertica/bin/ --task init -c /home/dbadmin/scripts/dba/vbr/Datatbl15_months.ini
    Initializing backup locations.
    Backup locations initialized.
    I hope this was helpful.

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