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  • Unable to lock Central Inventory - OPatch will attempt to re-lock

    What the hell is this ? Just got this error while moving an Oracle Home to another server in order to replicate my Oracle Database.

    Unable to lock Central Inventory. OPatch will attempt to re-lock.
    Do you want to proceed? [y|n]
    After doing some search on Oracle Meta-link site for a couple of hours i finally got it. The problem was solved by doing the following:
    • Change the permissions to 777 and make oracle user the owner of this file
    • Remove the directory /oraInventory/locks
    • Remove the file under $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage  --  if it exists
    • Change the permissions of /oraInventory to "777" and make oracle user the owner
    After this i could list my Oracle Inventory using the opatch tool with no problem.

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