Sessions holding library cache lock - oracle database script

Sessions holding library cache lock - Oracle Database Script.

-- For standalone db:  select sid Waiter, p1raw, substr(rawtohex(p1),1,30) Handle, substr(rawtohex(p2),1,30) Pin_addr from v$session_wait where wait_time=0 and event like '%library cache%';  -- For RAC DB:  select a.sid Waiter,b.SERIAL#,a.event,a.p1raw, substr(rawtohex(a.p1),1,30) Handle, substr(rawtohex(a.p2),1,30) Pin_addr from v$session_wait a,v$session b where a.sid=b.sid and a.wait_time=0 and a.event like 'library cache%';  or  set lines 152 col sid for a9999999999999 col name for a40 select a.sid,,a.value,b.class from gv$sesstat a , gv$statname b where a.statistic#=b.statistic# and  name like '%library cache%';