Script to Estimate Oracle RMAN backup

The Script will give a report on the RMAN backups. You will get the Start date and the End Date also the size of the backup in MB along with the status. Also the backup type, time it took it to finish.

set lines 220
set pages 1000
col cf for 9,999
col df for 9,999
col elapsed_seconds heading "ELAPSED|SECONDS"
col i0 for 9,999
col i1 for 9,999
col l for 9,999
col output_mbytes for 9,999,999 heading "OUTPUT|MBYTES"
col session_recid for 999999 heading "SESSION|RECID"
col session_stamp for 99999999999 heading "SESSION|STAMP"
col status for a10 trunc
col time_taken_display for a10 heading "TIME|TAKEN"
col output_instance for 9999 heading "OUT|INST"
  to_char(j.start_time, 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss') start_time,
  to_char(j.end_time, 'yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss') end_time,
  (j.output_bytes/1024/1024) output_mbytes, j.status, j.input_type,
  decode(to_char(j.start_time, 'd'), 1, 'Sunday', 2, 'Monday',
                                     3, 'Tuesday', 4, 'Wednesday',
                                     5, 'Thursday', 6, 'Friday',
                                     7, 'Saturday') dow,
  j.elapsed_seconds, j.time_taken_display,, x.df, x.i0, x.i1, x.l,
  ro.inst_id output_instance
  left outer join (select
                     d.session_recid, d.session_stamp,
                     sum(case when d.controlfile_included = 'YES' then d.pieces else 0 end) CF,
                     sum(case when d.controlfile_included = 'NO'
                               and d.backup_type||d.incremental_level = 'D' then d.pieces else 0 end) DF,
                     sum(case when d.backup_type||d.incremental_level = 'D0' then d.pieces else 0 end) I0,
                     sum(case when d.backup_type||d.incremental_level = 'I1' then d.pieces else 0 end) I1,
                     sum(case when d.backup_type = 'L' then d.pieces else 0 end) L
                     v$BACKUP_SET_DETAILS d
                     join v$BACKUP_SET s on s.set_stamp = d.set_stamp and s.set_count = d.set_count
                   where s.input_file_scan_only = 'NO'
                   group by d.session_recid, d.session_stamp) x
    on x.session_recid = j.session_recid and x.session_stamp = j.session_stamp
  left outer join (select o.session_recid, o.session_stamp, min(inst_id) inst_id
                   from Gv$RMAN_OUTPUT o
                   group by o.session_recid, o.session_stamp)
    ro on ro.session_recid = j.session_recid and ro.session_stamp = j.session_stamp
where j.start_time > trunc(sysdate)-&NUMBER_OF_DAYS
order by j.start_time

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