Mysql Round Function

MySQL: ROUND Function

This tutorial explains how to use the MySQL ROUND function with syntax and examples.


The MySQL ROUND function returns a number rounded to a certain number of decimal places.


The syntax for the ROUND function in MySQL is:

ROUND( number, [ decimal_places ] )

Parameters or Arguments


The number to round.


The number of decimal places to round. This value must be a positive or negative integer. If this parameter is omitted, the ROUND function will round the number to 0 decimal places.


  • If decimal_places is a negative number, the ROUND function will make digits to the left of the decimal place 0 values.
  • The behavior of the ROUND function can vary depending on the version of MySQL.
  • See also the FLOOR, CEIL, CEILING, and TRUNCATE functions.

Applies To

The ROUND function can be used in the following versions of MySQL:

  • MySQL 5.7, MySQL 5.6, MySQL 5.5, MySQL 5.1, MySQL 5.0, MySQL 4.1, MySQL 4.0, MySQL 3.23


Let's look at some MySQL ROUND function examples and explore how to use the ROUND function in MySQL.

For example:

mysql> SELECT ROUND(125.315);
Output: 125

mysql> SELECT ROUND(125.315, 0);
Output: 125

mysql> SELECT ROUND(125.315, 1);
Output: 125.3

mysql> SELECT ROUND(125.315, 2);
Output: 125.32

mysql> SELECT ROUND(125.315, -1);
Output: 130

mysql> SELECT ROUND(125.315, -2);
Output: 100

mysql> SELECT ROUND(-125.315);
Output: -125