I/o usage of each tempfile - oracle database script

I/O usage of each tempfile - Oracle Database Script.

SELECT SUBSTR(t.name, 1, 50) AS file_name,
       f.phyblkrd AS blocks_read,
       f.phyblkwrt AS blocks_written,
       f.phyblkrd + f.phyblkwrt AS total_io
FROM v$tempstat f,
     v$tempfile t
WHERE t.file# = f.file# ORDER BY f.phyblkrd + f.phyblkwrt DESC;  select * from (SELECT u.tablespace, s.username, s.sid, s.serial#, s.logon_time, program, u.extents, ((u.blocks*8)/1024) as MB, i.inst_id,i.host_name FROM gv$session s, gv$sort_usage u ,gv$instance i WHERE s.saddr=u.session_addr and u.inst_id=i.inst_id order by MB DESC) a where rownum<10;